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This site was created to put information on some of the most popular and most informative books on inventing and the inventing process into one spot thus giving inventors an easy place to get information about each book as well as the opportunity to purchase them if they so choose. Maurice Kanbar's Secrets from an Inventor's Notebook, David Pressman's Patent It Yourself, and Robert G. Merrick's Stand Alone, Inventor! are only a few of the titles available.

To view a complete list of the books, click "Book List" on the top menu bar or in the text menu at the bottom of the page or click the stack of books at the top right of the screen. is maintained by James E. White & Assoc., publisher of Will It Sell? How to Determine if Your Invention is Profitably Marketable (Before Wasting Money on a Patent), Millions from the Mind, and You Might Be An Inventor If....

With every order placed directly to us you also receive a free Two-Fer1 worth $100. Also with each order you will receive one or more free reports2 of your choice. Unfortunately, for book orders we are not taking online orders at the moment, we're running them through So, in order to get your freebies, you must place your order through AND specifically request the freebies. E-mail, phone, fax, letter, are all fine just be sure you make clear who, what, when, where, and why!

I have read all the books available here (or at least earlier editions of them) and recommend them all. I have also read other books that I think are a waste of money and have not made them available here. At the moment I'm not listing them but I may do so in the future. However, just because a particular title is NOT on the recommended list does NOT mean I have rejected it. I probably have not read it. If there are books you think I should add by all means please let me know via e-mail.

Free Stuff Details

1What's a Two-Fer? A Two-Fer is to save you some money! Ordinarily James E. White & Assoc. invention idea evaluations are done for $100. Unfortunately about 80% of those evaluations turn out to be for products ALREADY on the market! Very embarrassing for someone who just spent $100 on someone else's great idea! It's even worse when the "inventor" is getting an idea evaluated on which they've already spent $6,000 for the patent or $4,900 to a scammer. Don't laugh, it happens all the time; it could happen to you. The solution? James E. White & Assoc. will, with every order, give the buyer a Two-Fer certificate good for getting a second invention idea evaluated for free when they pay $100 for the first one. You can't get a Two-Fer through other booksellers, only through and other affiliated sites.

Why should you pay for an idea evaluation when you can find all kinds of sites where the people promising to do it for free? Because those sites will tell nearly 100% of the idea submitters "this is a GREAT idea, why don't you go the next step and have our professional marketing people look at it---only $745!" The problem is that fewer than 20% of all invention idea submitters have ideas worth spending that kind of money on. But it makes no difference to the scammers, their $745 (or more) report will conclude you MUST get a patent and you NEED to go the next step--$8-$25,000 worth! (To them, of course. It's a total loss to you.)

2Get one free report of your choice with the first book, tape, or video you purchase and an additional free report with each additional 2 non-report items you purchase. The list of reports is on the main "Reports" list page.

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