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How to Make Patent Drawings Yourself 4th Edition
Jack Lo, David Pressman, Richard Stim (ed.)

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The table of contents should give you a pretty good clue of what to expect from this book:

    1 - General Introduction to Drawing
    2 - Drawing With Pen, Ruler, and Instruments
    3 - Drawing With a Computer
    4 - "Drawing" With a Camera
    5 - Patent Drawings in General
    6 - Utility Patent Drawings
    7 - Design Patent Drawings
    8 - General Standards
    9 - Responding to Office Actions 

One of the most onerous, to me at least, tasks in preparing the patent application is getting good drawings done. Of course that costs me a bundle because I pay someone to take over those headaches for me. But what if I didn't have the money but did have the time to do it myself? I'd turn to this book first. With such a nice clear summary of what is needed and what the US Patent and Trademark Office wants why wouldn't the small cost of this book be worth it? With this book in hand you can avoid the pitfalls of thinking in "engineering drawing" mode and get to thinking in "patent drawing" mode.

For example, some things like shading have some parallels in both engineering drawing and patent drawing but patent drawing has some nuances that are designed to make the drawing easily understandable to a novice at reading drawings, not to a machinist. The USPTO regulations are laid out with examples so they are easy to see and understand. And the specifics are nailed down so you won't have to be repetitively correcting something—and always at the last minute—to deal with a drawing rejection, which normally doesn't come until after or with your notice of claim allowance and along with the deadline for paying your issue fee. Crunch–not the time to get hit with a load more work.

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