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The Inventor's Bible Revised Edition
Ron Docie

The Inventor's Bible book cover picture

First, let me say I recommend this book. But, second, let me say I also intend to sell it on my web site. I wouldn't sell it if I didn't both recommend it and intend to profit from selling it. I am part of Ron's team -- he didn't ask me to be but he benefits from it anyway. And that too is part of the message of Ron's book -- you have to have the help of a team. Your invention cannot help you build that team unless the invention is realistically expected to be profitably marketable.

"This book will help you focus your common sense and develop a realistic, workable plan for commercializing your invention. It will show you how effective communication with a network of industry contacts will help you research your market, target potential business partners, and strike a good deal for your inventions" per Ron Docie's introduction to The Inventor's Bible, Ten Speed Press, ISBN: 1580083048, $19.95.

This is not the only book that delves into the important questions you need to answer: Should I go it alone? Is licensing the way to go? Is it marketable? Is it licensable? What is the customer's perceived value? What should I do first? But it is the only book to offer you more than 40 pages of "case studies" right out of Ron's files that take you through the ups and downs to both success and failure with specific ideas.

Along the way you are treated to many "Hindsight Lessons," "Words of Wisdom," and "Tricks of the Trade" where Ron draws on his 25 years of experience in the inventing game to give real examples and pragmatic considerations that continue to work for him. Also provided are exact scripts for reaching the decision makers at large companies and examples of solid non-disclosure and licensing agreements.

The book also sells the services of Docie Marketing, a division of Hopewell Cooperative, Inc., a company dedicated to educating inventors and providing commercialization services. That's not a bad thing -- selling. In fact the book makes it clear that you will be selling your invention over and over and over as you work your way through the process. Sometimes you'll even have to stop selling and move on to a more saleable invention.

What The Inventor's Bible is not: It is not a description of the only way to inventing success. It is not the most thorough compendium on the subject. It is not a complete annotated listing of resources inventors will need (though many are provided). And, it is not about the easy way to quick riches. But don't buy it for what it's not; buy it for what it is -- an end-to-end description of the invention licensing process from a guy that "has negotiated more than 40 licenses and contracts for inventions and invention-based projects." Buy it so you will know why some inventions, including Ron's first one, must be gotten to market first by the inventor before expecting a licensing deal. Buy it so you will understand why patents are important but not always necessary. And, buy it so you can learn from his successes and missteps along the way.

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