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Welcome to the Books for Inventors web site!

Knowledge is Power

I appreciate you finding us. Knowledge is power. And this site is all about knowledge. I just wish there were some way to put knowledge into your brain without any effort (or expense) on your part. Simultaneously I would also want to remove some of the things you "think you know" but that just ain't so. If you graduated from a U.S. school you probably believe that patents are a ticket to riches. Certainly they can be. But they rarely are. Studies have shown that less than 2% make a nickel for anyone. From working with first time inventors for five years I know I have to disappoint over 80% of them with the bad news that their "great new idea" isn't so new after all. Or worse, it's probably not commercializable even though it is new.

Patent agents and attorneys of course know these facts too. And so do "licensing agents." But do you think they'll tell you? A few do, but very few. What they will almost always tell you is that they "can get a patent for you on your invention." What they don't tell you is it will usually be on some small difference between what you and prior geniuses have come up with. Or the costs to make it will be greater than prospective customers are willing to pay. I can't really fault them for the latter but the former is inexcusable. Sure, many of them give you the search report for your invention but they don't carefully explain what it means---if they did you wouldn't pay for them to get you a patent!

Education is the key. The catch is it's you that must be educated. Before you spend a single nickel I strongly urge you to read cover-to-cover two books on the invention process---the whole idea-to-market process, not patenting. Go see what your local library has. Or shell out $50 bucks and buy a couple books, from this site via, your choice. The odds are very high that you can use the knowledge you gain from those books to save yourself several thousand dollars in unwarranted expenses. If, that is, you base your decisions on the knowledge in the books instead of simply blind love for your own idea.

Book Suggestions

Of course I'll boldly suggest which two books I prefer you read but I wrote one and publish them both so I might be a tad biased. The first is my own "Will It Sell?..." book which you can read excerpts from at This is written from the perspective of a marketing consultant (me) looking for a new product to take national----and discovering that almost no first-time inventor has such a product (though they think they do). The book gives the basics that successful inventors use to cull their idea list down to one or two out of 200 that actually gets commercialization effort. This book comes with a 100% money back guarantee, as do all products we sell.

The second book is Alan R. Tripp's "Millions from the Mind" from which excerpts can be found at This book tells the stories of 50+ independent inventors who did succeed. Alan has worked on his own inventions and brought them to market and he spent 22 years as president of a company that really did successfully bring the inventions of independent inventors and small laboratories to market. These stories make it clear that one of the surest indicators of future success is how involved the inventor is in both the process and the risks.

And while I think these two books are excellent starting points I also think a fair number of other books are well worth a read (and I sell them too on the pages of this web site. Order enough books and I'll be able to keep this site up AND advertise it. Without the advertising this site would be almost impossible to discover through the clutter of the heavily advertising scammers and patent practitioners and thus, without the advertising, more people will end up contributing to the approximately $300 million the scammers take, and the $1.5-2 billion the patent practitioners, prototypers, tooling makers, etc. take, from naive inventors every year in the U.S. alone.

Oh, and did I mention that you can get 100% of your money back on any item you order directly from me that you are dissatisfied with. Yep, 100% including shipping costs both ways. Just try and get your money back from a patent practitioner or a scammer if you don't get your money's worth!

Purpose of this Site

This site was created to put information on some of the most popular and most informative books on inventing and the inventing process into one spot, giving inventors an easy place to get information about each book as well as the opportunity to purchase some of them if they so choose. David Pressman's Patent It Yourself, Maurice Kanbar's Secrets from an Inventor's Notebook, and Robert G. Merrick's Stand Alone, Inventor! are only a few of the titles reviewed.

To view a complete list of the books, click a Book List or Shoppinglist link or click the stack of books at the top right of the screen or click Home for the non-'Click Through' opening page with more details.

Free Info Web Sites

James E. White also maintains and can be contacted through the following web sites: Free information on the invention process used by successful inventors. Free information and resource links on clubs, licensing, etc. Free information on your rights, if any, to own your own ideas.

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